Emmy®  Award Winner

Four Time Cine Golden Eagle Winner

Three Time Emmy®  Award nominee

Julie Lewis is an Emmy Award Winning independent video editor based in Providence, Rhode Island with over 30 years of news and documentary production experience.  Her work has been broadcast nationwide.

    Clients include WGBH, The History Channel, Harvard Business School, HBO and MTV.

    Staff editor for CBS News “60 Minutes”, the Moscow bureau, and “Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt / Charles Osgood”     

    Julie joined CNN at its startup and continued through 1986 as White House Field Producer / Editor.


Julie won an Emmy® for editing  HOME ACROSS LANDS   about

the resettlement journey of a small group of Kunama refugees to Rhode Island.


GOLD STAR CHILDREN  shows what it’s like for a child left behind when soldiers die and their healing process with the now adult Gold Star Children whose fathers died in Vietnam.   Cine Golden Eagle Award winner.  goldstarfilm.org

Associate editor on LEH WI TOK about the power of community radio

in Sierra Leone.  lehwitok.org